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  • What is the Fox Car Loans guarantee?

    Click here to see our nine outrageously unequalled industry first guarantees.

  • What is your Interest Rate?

    At the time of writing this FAQ, our lowest rate is 4.89%, but, of course, there are conditions to qualify for this and these will always be listed at the bottom of our home page. In general though, to qualify for the lowest interest rates, you need to be a property owner with good proven credit history and good income. We also have interest rates as high as 34.95% for someone who is currently bankrupt. So as you can see, we have a range of interest rates to cater for all types of customers with low interest rates for people with great credit history and higher rates for people with bad credit history. Our job as your finance broker is firstly to get your car loan approved and secondly to get you the best possible deal from all of our lenders. It is important to understand that the lowest interest rate loan may not be the best car loan for you. Some banks’ and finance companies’ car loans have application fees, ongoing monthly fees and exit or payout fees, so it is vital to consider all of these when making your decision.

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  • What are your fees?

    In the first stage of applying for a car loan with Fox Car Loans, our staff will explain to you that we charge a brokerage fee for organising your car loan. This is how we earn our living and it is only payable if you accept the car loan we negotiate for you. If for any reason you choose not to proceed with the loan, we do not charge you any fee. The fee we charge when you take one of our car loans ranges from $330 to $880 depending on the amount of work it takes us to negotiate and approve your car loan. This fee is normally paid by the lender and is not an upfront, out-of-pocket expense to you. Our job as your finance broker is firstly to get your car loan approved and secondly to get you the best possible deal. When considering the best loan for you, we compare many items including, but not limited to:

    • Interest rate
    • Application fees
    • Ongoing fees
    • Exit or payout fees
    • The products suitability to you

    Many people only look at the interest rate, but the loan with the lowest interest rate may not be the best loan for you. This is why it is best to have a professional car loan service like ours to find you the best car loan deal.

  • What is your criteria to qualify for a car loan?

    Because we are a finance broker with access to over 20 car loan products, there is no one fixed criteria. The main criteria for a personal car loan is that we can prove you have the affordability to repay the loan. Our job as your finance broker is to find the car loan product that best suits you and your current circumstances.

    In the past, we have been successful in obtaining finance for clients who:

    • Had one day in a new job
    • Were new to the country
    • Had an unusual source of income
    • Were currently bankrupt
    • Had been in a Part 9 debt agreement
    • Had defaults
    • Had overdue credit card bills
    • Lived in a remote area of Australia
    • Earned income outside of Australia
    • Were self-employed with no tax returns or financials
    • Were buying a classic or vintage car
    • Were buying a car in another country
    • Were buying multiple vehicles
    • Were buying a car and consolidating debts
  • How long does it take to get a Car Loan?

    Usually just a few hours. Most times everything can be completed over the phone, and email and settlement can occur on the same day you make your application, as long as you can supply any required documentation (identification, payslip etc). We have clients all over Australia who love our fast and easy process.

  • What documents will I need to give?

    Normally nothing is required to make the loan application and be approved. For most of our clients, the only thing they will need after approval is their own identification and a payslip.

  • Can I buy from a private seller?

    Yes. Dealer, auction, private sale and refinance are all welcome.

  • Can I get my loan approved before finding a car?

    Yes, this is a great idea and gives you bargaining power when negotiating on your new car.

  • Can you help me find the right car for me?

    At Fox Car Loans, we have often found that people find it difficult to find the right car. You can spend many hours of valuable time looking for just the right car, only to end up being fed up and generally paying more than what you expected. For help finding the right car for you, click here .

  • I am self-employed and my financials are not up to date, can I still get a business Car Loan?

    Yes. Several of our lending partners have lo doc business car loans for customers who are self-employed without current financials. We can also help clients in a new business if you can prove your income by way of bank statements. This loan product is available if you have an ABN. Call us today or enquire online to see if you qualify for one of these lo doc business car loans.

  • My bank has declined me, should I try with FOX?

    Yes, we have access to over 25 lenders', and their policies and guidelines vary significantly. Therefore, simply because you don’t fit one or more lenders criteria, does not mean another lender won’t welcome your application. This is another area where our professional service is extremely valuable.

  • Does making too many credit enquiries affect my credit rating?

    Yes, sometimes it can affect your credit rating as many lenders see multiple credit inquiries as a sign of a high-risk customer. This is the exact reason you should use Fox Car Loans, we have the knowledge and experience to get your loan approved the first time.

  • I have had bad credit, can I still get a car loan?

    Yes. We have many lenders that have car loan products suitable for people with bad credit. These bad credit car loans are more lenient in relation to approval. However they generally have a higher interest rate to cover the higher risk. Fox Car Loans is the only Queensland authorised finance broker for Last Chance Car Finance. Last Chance Car Finance help people whose circumstances are outside the banks' and finance companies' normal lending criteria. Click here to find out more.

Benefit with a Fox Car Loan

Pre Approvals available for peace of mind
Flexible car loan terms from 6 months to 7 years
Secured and unsecured options
Tailored repayment schedule to suit your budget
Low interest rates
We compare many bank and finance companies with 1 application
Access Lenders that other brokers can’t
No upfront out of pocket expenses
Our best deal guarantee

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Apply now for fast approval

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