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Australia's trusted car loans provider

Here at Fox Car Loans, we are proud to provide a wide range of car loans for our customers in Maroochydore and beyond. Whether you require financial assistance for a car for personal use, need help with a bad credit rating, or require a business car loan, we are here to help. Simply take a look at the options below to see the car refinancing choices we have available.
Personal car loans
This is the ideal option if you require a car for personal use.
black new car
7 little known secrets to getting the best car loan deal
Classic car loans
Who doesn’t love a classic car? Let us help you buy the car of your dreams.
red vintage car
classic car loans are they different?
Business car loans
We will happily help you finance a vehicle for commercial and business use.
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business car loans made easy
Bad credit car loans
We are here to help you when nobody else can.
car salesman handing keys over to new car owner
how to get your car loan approved even if you have bad credit

If you’re looking for a trusted car loans provider anywhere in Australia, call Fox Car Loans today on 1300 665 906

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