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Affordable vehicle loans in Australia

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  • 1. Organise finance before inspecting any vehicles

    This saves you time as you know exactly what you can and can’t afford. Pre-arranged finance approval also enables you to act quickly when you do find the right car and negotiate a better deal. So call us now for your pre-approval certificate.

  • 2. Shop around before spending

    Look at a number of cars, so you can get a good idea of the prices, average odometer readings and general condition of cars on offer. This ensures that you’re armed and ready to negotiate with the seller. Internet search sites also provide a great indication of what is on offer in the marketplace. For vehicle prices, generally see:

  • 3. Gain service history

    Ask to see the car’s service book and check its service history. Check that the kilometrage on the odometer tallies with the service and repair receipts. It is worth making a phone call to the service agent and asking them about the car.

  • 4. Check it out

    Visit and check the car’s history by using the vehicle’s VIN. There are some mysteries that even a mechanical inspection cannot uncover. For example, how many owners a vehicle has had or what the vehicle has been used for.

  • 5. Get a professional inspection

    Have the car checked by a professional who will be able to give you a pre-purchase inspection report on the condition of the car. Also, ask the professional to estimate the cost of any repairs he thinks may be warranted. You can then ask for the cost of these repairs to be deducted from the asking price.

  • 6. Transfer of registration eligibility

    To enable transfer of registration, the vehicle should also have a completed mechanical check in accordance with the relevant State Registration Transfer Authorities. If there is no certificate provided, transfer of registration may not be possible.

  • 7. Ask about the warranty

    If the vehicle is out of manufacturer’s warranty, expensive mechanical repairs could become a financial burden. Your Fox Car Loans broker can assist by arranging an extensive warranty to protect you from expensive mechanical repairs.

  • 8. Ensure vehicle is free of any financial obligations

    Many finance companies take security over a vehicle when lending to consumers or companies. Any such encumbrances are registered by the national PPSR register, and a search of this database providing the VIN, the engine number and the registration number will confirm if there are any funds owing. If it is found that there are funds owing on the vehicle, the encumbrance must be cleared or discharged prior to your purchase of the vehicle or simultaneously with the purchase of your vehicle, otherwise the title to the vehicle cannot pass onto you as the purchaser.

  • 9. Test drive

    Before test driving a car, make sure it is insured and that the coverage includes you as the driver.

  • 10. Beware of scams

    When viewing advertising online from the private advertisers, beware of common internet scams. These usually involve the advertiser requesting you transfer money before you’ve seen the vehicle, but there are several variations. Remember, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

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